This website is operated by Old Rock Shilajit, in this whole website the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Old Rock Shilajit. We deals in an age-old ayurvedic substance known as Shilajit. It is a pitch-black or dark-brownish substance that one can find in Himalayan rocks and in Nepal or Russia or North Chile.
It appears in the Himalayan rock after years of plant decomposition due to microorganism action. Shilajit is a natural substance that has been part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. It is known for its anti-ageing properties, immunity booster, improve memory, detox body from inside and many more benefits. To get the best Shilajit, contact our team at Old Rock Shilajit.

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Instruction for replacement of items:

Didn’t like the product or have problems with it? Then follow these instructions:
• First, inform the Old Rock Shilajit team about the reason of your return via mail at
• We only accept a product if it is damaged when it reaches you or you get a wrong product. We don’t exchange a correct product as it is a food item. So, there would be no refund for it.
• To return the product, you have seven days, after 7 days we can’t offer you a refund or exchange and you need to courier to send the item back to us in your expanses. As we don’t offer pickup service of the product.
• For COD products, we would require the account details for making the returns (In case, the shipped item is damaged).
• We can replace the damaged item, but there is no return policy otherwise.
• Make sure that you return the product using the original box and intact label. Meeting these two are essential for further action.
• If you receive a damaged product, send us an image, and we will replace the product. Also, the customer will have to bear the shipping cost of returning the product.
• Write a proper name, billing address, and contact information on the courier.
• For more assistance, contact our customer care services.
• Old Rock Shilajit doesn’t cancel a product after we have shipped it. You will have to email the team for the return and send it back to us.

Note: Old Rock Shilajit has rights to deny delivery of any product due to limitation. If we don’t have the required quantity or if the information related to price of the product is wrongfully mentioned, we reserve the right to cancel any order.
Also, if the destination for the order is at a location which is not accessible for delivery, we can cancel or not take the order. 
We also require identity proof during the delivery of the items. If a person is unable to do so, the delivery person has the right to send the item back to us.

For any problems with the product or in case of a return, reach us at It will help us resolve all your issues immediately.

Since it is a food product, we won’t accept the product back. If we have sent you a damaged product, we will replace it for free. We will notify you about the same via mail.

No refund yet?

If even after 7 days, you haven’t received a mail from us, Contact us again.